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Biały Uśmiech S.C. - Implanty Rybnik
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Welcome to the White Smile Clinic!
 Dear all,
Welcome to the website of Silesian Centre for Dental Implantology - SPA.
We offer comprehensive dental services, from conservative therapy, through esthetic dentistry and dental surgery, to implant treatment. We treat patients of all ages. You are most welcome to join our centre.


Sterylity ! - first of all!!!


I am a dental surgeon. I worked in an operating theatre and I realize how aseptics are important to treat the patient successfully. My Mom is a microbiologist, therefore since my earliest years I have known what microorganisms are, where they residue and how dangerous they may be for human health. In the third year of my studies I started working as an assistant in the Department of Microbiology at the Medical Univeristy of Gdańsk ...

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Implantology is one of the best reconstructive methods in the stomatognathic system. In the procedure, lost teeth are replaced with implants on which we can rebuild a permanent cosmetic tooth crown. There are various methods to place implants and many implantological systems. In our centre we use the best-tested (and safest at the same time) method introduced in 1965 – BRÅNEMARK SYSTEM.